Available Hope available now from Chalice Press!


Available Hope cover finalForgive the moment of self-promotion if you already have this information, but I’ve had several questions in the last few days along the lines of, “So where can we get your book?”

I’m happy to tell you you can order it now from my wonderful publisher Chalice Press. AND, apparently, they are running an introductory promo, so if you order by Wednesday, you can receive it at 30% off. Sweet, right?!? Here’s the details:

Get 30% off on Available Hope: Parenting, Faith, and a Terrifying World when you use coupon code HOPE30 at checkout! Coupon valid for 48 hours! Offer ends Wed., June 15.

You can also order from Amazon, or Barnes and Noble–my understanding is that the folks who have ordered there will be receiving their copies at the end of the month. You’ll get it quicker from my friends at Chalice. 🙂

Also, if you do order it, and read it, and like it, please tell people. Social media is a great outlet for that, but even mouth-t0-mouth and sharing via email is great, and really helps me out. And if you ARE a social media person, the official hashtag is #AvailableHope — obvi!!

Thank you for reading, for caring about the world, and for being people of hope.

Much love (and lots of hope!),


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